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I started in KENPO in October 1977. I'm fortunate enough because I wasn't poisoned sport ideas. And I was always interested in a pragmatic approach to any technique that I needed to learn. Now, as before, my criteria still integrity and transparency. First is simplicity, because in Real Combat fast-moving complicated techniques can give a misfire, fail, and therefore simple and economical steps to ultimately save your life. Secondly is reality, well, with it, I suppose, might argue just fans of "paramilitary exercises". And thirdly is efficiency, i.e., the ability to kill the enemy as quickly as possible. I guess it's clear for every who fight in Real Combat.

Maybe you don’t know about it, however I'm not the sportsman. Moreover, I didn't take part in official sports competitions on any single combats. Except for experience of JUDO competitions in age 12. However, life in Russia gave me enough situations where I could check my real skills of combat. This gave me to the idea of creating a new KENPO school of the same name.

So, I for the first time have crossed Dojo threshold in age 11. There's enough late but what to do is was so. I've started to study KENPO which then named JUDO SELF-DEFENSE. At that time, in the USSR to study KENPO openly was forbidden. And those violated this prohibition, got in GULAG. I was lucky to learned under Sensei Nikolay Nikiforov who coached the policemen also taught the civilians. At the end of 70's, Sensei Nikiforov gave me the first lessons of the Real Combat which was very similar to OKINAWA KENPO. But then all of us considered that this JUDO.

Has passed time and I from the JUDO SELF-DEFENSE have passed to KYOKUSHINKAI KARATE. I was very inspired by the personality of the founder KYOKUSHINKAI - Mas Oyama. Sure I liked his unshakable belief in absolute truth. And I admit fairly - me and then and now aspects of competitions or BUDO show didn't interest it all. I looked at these games of adult men and to me was insulting. It's insulting that people come to look on show and confuse it with Real Combat. But everyone who wants be deceived, certainly he can be deceived, isn't it ?

In Russia in the 80s and 90s of the 20th century the life very strongly differed from the western way of life. After the fall of the communist regime in Russia began the redistribution of property. And it looked like gangster's wars 20-30s of the 20th century in the U.S.A. Many racketeers and bandits, who only yesterday were simply athletes ( boxers, kick-boxers, wrestlers and karate-kas ), as well as criminals who don't want to miss the opportunity to eat a piece of cake named Russia. It was a good chance to get real money as quickly as possible. And recently had unofficial information on this "New Civil War" in Russia killed about 2.000.000 people. For example, in the Afghanistan war was killed about 15.000 Russian soldiers. Here in Russia always was appreciated skill to stand up itself and I had to learn this all the time.

Time has come to serve in the Soviet Army and I've gone in Spetsnaz. It was very prestigious for the guy from Russia. In Soviet Army I studied OPERATIVE COMBAT and my instructors taught me how necessary to solve question in Real Combat. Thanks God and my Spetsnaz instructors, I till now remember these lessons. For full assessment of my Combat studying, I need tell about two Combat styles. So, my first combat discipline was BOXING under my school mate Alexander Artemiev. He's now senior boxing coach in Saint Petersburg and WBC referee in Russia. And then he was int'l class master of sports by boxing also first Soviet boxer who went to the U.S.A. as "Red Wave" profy-boxer. Also he held many champion titles of the Soviet Union and Europe and participated in the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. And most importantly, he was a good street boxer. Because Alexander Artemiev also taught me STREET BOXING. The my second combat discipline is FULL-CONTACT KARATE. In this Dojo I got my first black belt. Then it was a very good practice in street-fighting. As stated earlier, it was the time of "New Civil War" in Russia. In those days need had to solve many troubles using fists and hand-held weapons, just to survive in this war.

After army service I was a bodyguard for a time. Then I started to make a living by what I know best. Just I started teaching KENPO as Real Combat in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Alas, before I started practicing as KENPO Sensei, in Russia wasn't aware of KENPO as Real Combat. And for KENPO propagation I created the Real Combat school which called as SIN JUTSU RYU™. Later, at an International Seminar, I met Kyoshi Stephen Morris, who revealed to me the true OKINAWAN KENPO. From the mid 90s of the 20th century untill 2006, under Stephen Morris's leadership I learned the basics of this KENPO style.

Many years have passed since that time... Now this KENPO style became well-known among the Real Combat experts worldwide. In December, 2016 major international KENPO Experts recognized SIN JUTSU RYU™ as traditional KENPO school according to the results of the last period in for 25 years. That's all what I can tell about my KENPO Way, OSU!

Humbly yours,
Oleg Sheprut, SOKE, PhD MA


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