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KODANSHA KAI ( Council of KENPO Elders ) is IRCA governing body and
for today unites the very respectful experts of Real Combat worldwide

Kokusai Sin Jutsu Kenpo Kai Kodansha Kai is the supreme governing body of the
Int’l Real Combat Association – IRCA and it is empowered to take decisions on
the recognition of the status of Kenpo schools, as well as the awarding the higher
degrees and titles of Kenpo, according to the traditional tables of ranks.


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Richard Reynolds, HANSHI ( U.S.A. )
Honorary President of Int'l Real Combat Association,
Founder of International Bushido Society
Teaching: Principles and tactical aspects of the White Wind Wen Woo.
Operative Combat tactics and firearms tactic training for
civilians, police and military.


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Oleg J. Sheprut, SOKE ( Russia )
Founder and President of Int'l Real Combat Association
Teaching: Traditional Okinawa Kenpo techniques and
Real Combat techniques / tactics for civilians. 
Operative Сombat tactics for Russian law enforcement.

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Spiridon Nasiakos, HANSHI ( Greece )
Official IRCA Advisor in EurAsia
Inheritor ( 2nd generation ) of Seishinryoku Ryu
Teaching: Seishinryoku Ryu Karate, Kobudo and
Ju-Jutsu for civilians, police and security.


Ralph Kemp, SHIHAN ( U.S.A. ) 
Official IRCA Advisor in PanAmerica,
Member of Roju ( Council of Senior Elders )
of the International Bushido Society
and White Wind Wen Wu


Stoffel Van Vuuren, HANSHI ( South Africa )
Official IRCA Advisor in Africa,
Founder of International Black Dragon Fighting Society
Teaching: Koga Ryu Nin-Jutsu, Yawara Ryu Ju-Jutsu,
Yamaguchi Karate for civilians, police and security.


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Kevin Blundell, HANSHI ( Australia )
Official IRCA Advisor in Oceania
Founder of Кumiai-Ryu Мartial Аrts System
Teaching: Кumiai-Ryu Karate, Окinawan Коbudо, Muay-Thai and
Wushu Sanda for civilians and security.



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