Senate of the Academy

Richard Reynolds, Prof. K

President of the Academy
    Stephen Morris, Prof. K

Chairman of the Academic Council

Nasiakos Spiridon, PhD MA

Vice-Chancellor of the Academy
    Oleg Sheprut, PhD MA

Chancellor of the Academy
    Gennady Sergeyev, MA K

Admissions Director

Jonathan Kruger, PhD K

Member of the Academic Council
    Alan Norris, PhD K

Member of the Academic Council
    Pak Joo Yong, PhD K
(South Korea)

Member of the Academic Council

The above persons are members of the Senate of the International Kenpo Academy (IKA) who have 40 or more years
of Kenpo experience, as well hold the senior Master's degrees in Kenpo. All of them are recognized as
worldwide Real Combat Experts not just a Martial Artists.