Selection of Candidates

Admission to the International Kenpo Academy (IKA) is based on evidence of a student's ability to benefit from educational programs. Such evidence may include any or all of the following: the student's academic records at other institutions, qualification in Kenpo (with photocopies of a real certificates), combat experience as well as motivation for the Academic studying. Based on practical vision of Kenpo, in the Academy are willing to consider candidates of such disciplines as:

-  American Kenpo Karate
-  Chinese Quan Fa
-  Korean Kwonpop
-  Malay Silat
-  Okinawan Kenpo
-  Polynesian Limalama
-  Russian Real Combat

also including followers of these traditions, or other analogues of Kenpo as Real Combat worldwide. Upon graduating from the Academy, successful candidates will be conferred with the appropriate degrees.

Rules for Acceptance of Candidates

In accordance with the rules of the Academy, the applicant must pay an application fees 20 USD. The applicant must then send a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the Academy's Email , including the followings:

- first name, last name
- date of birth
- start of the Kenpo training
- name of organization with web site
- names of teachers (Sensei, Sifu, Sabonim etc.)
- Kenpo qualification
- real combat experience
- motivation for the Academic study.

The Admissions Committee receives and processes all applications and make all decisions for evaluates transcripts. Once a completed Curriculum Vitae (CV) with an application fees, and all official transcripts and any other requested documents are received and evaluated by the Admissions Committee, a letter of acceptance, or rejection is issued to the applicant.

If the Admissions Committee will decide on admission a candidate, then an application fees will be included in the tuition fees.

In case of rejection to admission an application fees does not back.