Mission and Aims of the Academy

The International Kenpo Academy (IKA) is an independent educational institution. The curriculum of the Academy is intended for those who are interested in forming an academic level of professional competence as a Kenpo instructor, as well as certification in the field of Kenpo Art and Philosophy based on their own combat experience.

The International Kenpo Academy (IKA) will recognize Kenpo Experts worldwide for their life-long dedication and accomplishment in the field of Kenpo science studies whereby offering Kenpo degree programs. Our vision Kenpo as Real Combat based on the exclusive practical use of this discipline. Therefore, in the Academy, not used term Kenpo as the general term 'Martial Arts'.

Policy on the Quality of Education

Each of the International Kenpo Academy (IKA) programs is an external degree course of study. This means that students do not have to physically attend classes at the Academy. Students set their own goals and complete course requirements in the convenience of their homes, offices, or personal study areas. Completed essay, coursework, or thesis is submitted to the Academy. The Academy encourages students to make use of the independent study programs to design their own course of study, incorporating their own personal goals and experiences into the degree program.

The Kenpo external degree programs of the International Kenpo Academy (IKA) are designed for full-time Kenpo Experts or working professionals. Unique in its approach, the Academy seeks to integrate Eastern and Western thought in its degree programs.

The International Kenpo Academy (IKA), unlike the 'paper academies', does not issue digital diplomas. Our diplomas are made on excellent coated cardboard and using an embossed stamp. All International Kenpo Academy (IKA) diplomas are mailed to those who successfully complete their studies. We respect our graduates and always strive to be the best even in small things.

Privacy Policy

The International Kenpo Academy (IKA) is firmly committed to the privacy and security of all visitors our website, we understand that our visitors need the control of personal information.

The International Kenpo Academy (IKA) welcomes enrolment of all those who demonstrate a sincere commitment to completing their post-secondary education in Kenpo in the unique setting that the Academy provides. The International Kenpo Academy (IKA) does not discriminate on basis of race, national origin, or religion in any of its policies, procedures, or practices.



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