Dear KENPO colleagues, dear IRCA™ brothers, in agreement with Oleg Sheprut, SOKE, PhD MA, all these IRCA™ Newsletter were kindly prepared by Gilbert Claes, Hanshi, PhD K. as IRCA™ Official Representative in Germany. These articles were issued on the website every 2 months in for three years. This was in order to get to know eachother better in the IRCA™, and to get into better contact, but also to spread KENPO stories, techniques, seminars, competitions, etc.

Certainly, these articles were interesting not be only for us and our students, but also for IRCA™ non-members. We also used these newsletter as a presentation from each of us, our KENPO history, school history, etc. Therefore, we say many thanks to Gilbert Claes, Hanshi, PhD K. for such a great contribution to the propaganda of KENPO as Real Combat worldwide, OSU!

Below you can read all last articles:

first - OCTOBER 2014
second - DECEMBER 2014
third - FEBRUARY 2015
fourth - 2nd QUARTER 2015
fifth - 3rd QUARTER 2015
sixth - 4th QUARTER 2015
seventh - LAST QUARTER 2015
eighth - JERSEY CAMP 2016
ninth - 1st QUARTER 2016
tenth - 2nd QUARTER 2016
eleventh - 3rd QUARTER 2016
twelfth - 4th QUARTER 2016
thirteenth - LAST 2016
fourteenth - 1st QUARTER 2017
fifteenth - 2nd QUARTER 2017
sixteenth - 3rd QUARTER 2017
seventeenth - 4th QUARTER 2017
eighteenth - LAST 2017

NOTE: From January, 2018 the new articles will not be issued here.