In the world there are many international organizations, which unites the adepts this or that kind of Martial Arts. Everyone knows that to argue about their authority is bullshit. And adepts KENPO worldwide do not have to prove anything to anyone. Because even kids known that KENPO has long established itself as a Universal System of Self-Defense. In this way, KOKUSAI SIN JUTSU KENPO KAI - INTERNATIONAL REAL COMBAT ASSOCIATION ( IRCA™ ) was recognized VERY RESPECTFUL KENPO EXPERTS worldwide.

This year we have jubilee for all KENPO-kas of the INTERNATIONAL REAL COMBAT ASSOCIATION - IRCA . Seem like only yesterday KENPO Experts from four countries like Russia, U.S.A., Belarus as well Ukraine teamed to create a new KENPO association. These years passed quickly and today in our ranks more than FIVE DOZENS OF COUNTRIES from all five continents. On December 2016, SIN JUTSU RYU™ ( in Japanese as School of Real Combat Skills ) recognized as traditional KENPO school according to the results of the last period in for 25 years. This created the preconditions for the adoption of the traditional education standards as well the recognition of the Official Branches Chiefs and Representatives of the IRCA™. Then, on January 2019 was decided to change the status the YUDANSHA KAI as Society of KENPO Black Belts of the IRCA™ as well rename it to YUDANSHA SEIEINOKAI as Elite Society of KENPO Black Belts, included 100 best experts of Real Combat from around the world.

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